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Ruger® Auction

Ruger is excited to offer you an opportunity to bid on and acquire rare, unusual, discontinued, or one-of-a-kind Ruger® firearms and accessories. All items are available to qualified buyers as part of a "no reserve" auction, subject to applicable laws.

New Model Blackhawk® Convertible


Up for auction is a New Model Blackhawk® .357 Magnum - 9mm Parabellum convertible revolver. The serial number, 33-83040, tells us this revolver was manufactured August 8, 1977. A letter "U" is stamped to the left of the serial number to indicate a used gun. It had originally been sold and then returned to the factory. There are no notes as to why it was returned. The revolver appears to function normally. Some features of this revolver include a blued finish; 6-1/2 inch barrel; and walnut grip panels with silver-colored Ruger "SR" eagle medallions. Other features include a 6-round capacity .357 Magnum cylinder and a 9mm Parabellum cylinder stored in a red felt drawstring pouch. The rear sight is click-adjustable for windage or elevation and protected by integral frame topstrap ribs.


"U.S." Marked Mark II - Consecutive Serial Number Pair


We have for auction a consecutive serial-numbered pair of "U.S." marked Mark II .22 LR caliber pistols with a rollmark date of November 3, 1983. The serial numbers are 19-79744 and 19-79745. They are likely proto-types of the MK678G training pistols manufactured for the U.S. Army from 1984 - 1986. These pistols have a heavy tapered 6-7/8 inch barrel. The "U.S." stamp is larger than the contracted models, and the front sight is a higher Patridge-type fixed front sight. Additionally, the U.S. Army pistols' serial numbers began with prefix 210-. In 1983, Ruger was awarded a contract from the U.S. Army, Rock Island Arsenal for a .22 caliber target and training pistol for the U.S. armed forces. A new model was established to meet the U.S. Army's requirements (catalog no. MK678G), and this was the first time Ruger Mark II pistols were equipped with 6 7/8" bull barrels. The MK678G pistols were rollmarked "U.S." on the right side of the barrel/receiver assembly, had finer sights, a roller-burnished chamber, and enhanced accuracy.